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shower girl

my future hair

Posted on 2008.11.10 at 17:36

Isn't it lovely? I may tweak it a little bit, though...maybe just slightly longer in the back...but still, I want to have it longer in the front and then step up shorter as it gets to the back. And I'm keeping it all blonde :)

...but I will for once.

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. Friends
2. Will and Grace
3. So You Think You Can Dance
4. That 70s Show
5. CSI:  Miami
6. Cash Cab!!!
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. What I Like About You

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. took a calc test in school :(
2. went to soccer practice
3. wrote my introduction for my character essay
4. talked to chase on the phone. blah.
5. talked on facebook messenger for like...two hours.
6. a whole lot of procrastinating
7. painted my toenails sparkly lavender
8. took a shower

8 Favorite places to eat

1. Pinecrest
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Burger King
4. Olive Garden
5. TGI Fridays
6. China Wok
7. Laska's Pizza
8. Wendy's

8 Things I am looking forward to

1. graduation
2. being accepted to W and J
3. my EIGHTEENTH birthday
4. my weekends
5. getting a new phone, whenever that may be
6. finishing my character essay...and starting on the NEXT one...
7. soccer being OVER
8. the day i find the nerve to get all my hair chopped off

8 Things on my wishlist

1. clarity
2. closure
3. a lot of money
4. a new phone
5. some peace from the chaotic high-school life.
6. greeener eyes
7. a whiter smile  

i dont tag

eye, purple

AP English took a huge bite outta my butt and spit it back out at me.

Posted on 2008.09.07 at 21:46
Current Music: Dashboard
Yeah, that's right. I said it.

I'm not really sure what's expected of me in this class. All I know is that whatever it is...I don't understand it. Not yet, anyway. If you've got any insight on the short story "A&P" by John Updike, well, it would be appreciated.


eye, purple

Well, goodness...

Posted on 2008.07.28 at 08:59
Current Music: Colbie Callait
Not gonna lie...forgot all about live journal, yet again.
If it hadn't been for the six people asking me about it in the last week, I probably would have forgotten it forever.
So it's obviously been quite awhile since I blogged (or whatever you wanna call it) last. What's been up with me?
Well, my boyfriend goes to Kansas is less than a month for college (good luck to me).

I'm finally a senior (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). This school year can't possibly go fast enough though. I'm ready to get out, but I'm not ready to make a decision on what to do next. Dad and Rachel want me to move south west for college. I know mom wants me to stay fairly close. At least I think so. Unless she has some secret plants to move closer to Jenna and Brad. The only school I've really checked out is Washington and Jefferson. It's a really great school for academics..and the campus is in a perfect location. Not TOO far from home, but close to the city. I still have awhile though, I guess.

Maybe I'll try to get on here more often. It's not like I have much else to do.

shower girl

South Park characters...

Posted on 2008.01.10 at 16:55

...in the form of Johnny Depp.
Genius, I know.

eye, purple

Resolutions make me go BLEEECCCH.

Posted on 2008.01.03 at 21:17
Current Mood: exanimateexanimate
Current Music: Hit The Lights
I tried it for 2007 and it completely fell through. I'm not even gonna mention what it was, it's simply too embarrassing. I'm convinced 2008 can't possibly be worse than 2007, so I decided to save my new year from further destruction by bypassing the whole resolution scene. Long term goals are things I just can't handle. I either forget, or become disinterested in keeping it going. I did, however...think...of a few resolutions had I changed my mind.
Firstly, I thought maybe "I'll volunteer more around town"...only, of course, for the sake of impressing colleges. But honestly....I really don't care too much about that.
And then I thought hmmm, maybe "I'll attend less parties." PSHT. I was totally kidding myself with that one. I barely go to them as it is...can't deprive myself of that luxury. (And believe me, anything is a luxury compared to being stuck at home like I oftentimes find myself.)
The only other that comes to mind is "Don't get hung up on the small stuff." But Lord, how vague is that? And no matter how much I really wanted that one to work, it just wouldn't. Details are like, everything to me. I tend to obssess over them.

That pretty much does it. I'll probably never REALLY try to make a resolution...I just dont have the willpower.

eye, purple


Posted on 2008.01.01 at 22:39
I've finally found my way back into the livejournal world. Honestly, I just keep forgetting I've got this account.
Happy new year to you all. However, it was a rather sad and uneventful one for yours truly. I had to work until 11:30...and it was only supposed to be about 10:30 but uhh, the goddamn bridal party showed up an hour and a half late. We couldn't serve the guests until the party got there, so, uh....we just stood around the kitchen and had a fun time discussing possible reasons they were late. Four other waitresses, the cook, the two kitchen workers, the dj and his sidekick, and myself had a lot of fun doing this. There were suggestions such as:
1. The bride was saving herself for marriage so after the wedding she just couldn't hold it in....they were getting it on in the limo.
2. The bride had a panic attack after the wedding and decided she didn't want to be married, so on the way to their reception they had to stop to get an annulment.
3. The bride got all drunk and whatnot on champagne in the limo...causing her to throw up all over her new husbad and force them to drive all the way home so he could put on a new suit.
Those were just some of the bland ones. I wish I remembered the others.
But anyway, the bride and groom finally got there...like seven people gave speeches and whatnot...and then finally they cut the cake...our cue to start serving. I wanted to take a huge butcher knife out with me and cut the bride...but crimson didn't exactly go with the color scheme of the wedding setup so...I spared her. I dont know why, but all of our anger went out on the bride. Funny. Ha. Although, my one waitress friend, Kate, DID hit a man in the head with her tray. He was pissing her off a lil bit.

So anyway, I get home with fifteen minutes til midnight....so obviously no plans for me. I went straight up to my room and turned on some music. Wrapped myself up in six different blankets...turned on the tv (no volume, of course) and watched the ball drop by myself.

Ahhhh, it was great. Really. Great.

eye, purple

I'm a slack whore.

Posted on 2007.10.08 at 09:30
Current Mood: sicksick
Seeing as I only have two friends (though you are dear to me, as you should know), this seems a bit unnecessary but I will proceed anyway.
Yes, I've had my livejournal account for a month now and this is only the second time I've logged on. I'm impressive, I know. My life is just hectic for a 16 year old...only because I'm an over-achiever, of course. I dig it just fine.

Today I'm home sick from school. I find it to be a bit of a relief, actually. School has been effing me in the A lately.